Friday, July 1, 2011

Author Presentation: Laurie Halse Anderson (and Wintergirls Glogster)

I made this for my YA Lit course last semester. For the project, I had to give an author presentation and create a book trailer. Last fall I read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Melinda's story deals with the serious issue of being rape and shows how this traumatic event has really affected her life. Speak is powerful and well written. After reading this, I immediately grabbed Wintergirls.This is another story that deals with multiple controversial issues. Lia is not only suffering from an eating disorder, but she is emotionally unstable which leads to other harrowing events.When given the assignment, I immediately signed up to present on Laurie Halse Anderson. She is an amazing author.

I am a big fan of Glogster; I just think it is one of the coolest web 2.0 tools. Instead of just creating a book trailer, I decided to use the tools out there and make something really nifty. The pictures and text on the the Glogster are links to Anderson's website as well as site that contain more information about eating disorders. The trailer is kind of small, but can be enlarged to a bigger size.  

Hope you enjoyed my author presentation and Glogster. I just thought I would share since this was sitting around on my computer. If you have not done so, read Laurie Halse Anderson's books; they are awesome!

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