Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: S’mores Cupcake from One World Cafe

one world cafe
Cupcake: S’mores
Company: One World Café
Location:  Baltimore, MD
Website: One World Café

The other day I went to Baltimore to visit some old college friends. Everyone in the group (except for myself) is either vegetarian or vegan, so naturally we went to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant, One World Café. On the corner of West University Parkway and Canterbury Road (near John Hopkins University), this cozy café offers no only coffee, tea, and baked goods, but also serves great food and has a full bar. I definitely recommend this café if you in want of really good vegetarian/vegan food.

When it was time for dessert, I scanned the menu and decided to go with the s’mores cupcake. The café did offer vegan cupcakes, but I guess I had my mind set on something with chocolate. I am a huge s’morSmores cupcakees fan. When the waitress brought out the cupcake, I was very impressed with the appearance. The plate was drizzled with chocolate syrup and the vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing was topped with marshmallows, graham crackers, and more chocolate syrup. It definitely looked very appealing. However, when I took a bite, my hopes were a little crushed. The cake part was somewhat dry. It didn’t really taste that fresh. The flavor was just okay—an average vanilla cake. The icing was not that impressive either. I felt that it was too thick. It was more like a fudge. When I am eating a cupcake, I prefer a light and fluffy icing, rather than something so heavy. Also, the icing was very sweet and very chocolaty—it was almost too much.

Overall, I probably would not go back to get cupcake from One World Café (although, I am curious about the vegan cupcakes). It was the worst cupcake I’ve ever had, but it was very far from the best.



  1. That's unfortunate that you didn't like the cupcake. I'm not a fan of thick icing, either. I go to Baltimore often, and had never heard of this place, but I guess it's safe to skip a visit to there.

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