Sunday, July 24, 2011

IMM (6): July 24th, 2011

in my mailbox
In My Mailbox (IMM) is a weekly meme created by Kristi over atThe Story Siren. IMM is a chance for a blogger to show which books/e-books have been recently acquired either as ARCs, purchased, or borrowed. Click here to find out more.
One of these days I will get around to doing a IMM vlog. However, it is after 6pm and I still have school work to finish up, so that will have to wait for another time. My classes end this coming week, so I will have more time to work on the blog. Trust me, I cannot wait! Most of the reading I have been doing has consisted of Catalog It! A Guide to Cataloging School Library Materials  and Action Research: A Guide for Library Media Specialists. Doesn't that sound exciting?? I'll spare you the details. Anyway, just wanted to share the fun books I've bought/won over the past two weeks.


Imm books (1)

I am really excited about Where Things Come Back (just finished it; review will be up soon) because on Tuesday Corey Whaley will be at Hooray for Books in Alexandria, VA. This will be my first YA author meeting and I cannot wait because his book is absolutely fantastic! Go buy it now! 

As we all are aware, Borders is going out of business (sad face). I decided to stop by to check out the sales. YA books were ten percent off. As I frantically grabbed books off the shelves, I began to think, ten percent isn't that much and maybe buying more than five books wasn't that practical. In the end I settled on Shine and The DUFF because I have heard such great things about both of these books. Later that day I happened to stop by Target to pick up a few things. As I scanned the book section (I was surprised at the lack of YA selection), I stumbled upon Dewey. Being a library student, the Dewey Decimal System is stuck in my head. I just had to pick this one up.


Mara Dyer Katies Book Blog

Some awesome bookish swag

Several weeks go, I won an ARC of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer from Katie over at Katie's Book Blog. I'm pretty sure I jumped up and down when she sent me the email that I had won a copy. This is a book I've been waiting to read. Katie also sent her card as well as a really cute bookmark. Thanks so much Katie! You are awesome!

What's in your mailbox?


  1. Great books this week. I can't wait to read Shine and The DUFF is one that I have been meaning to read. Oh and glad you got Mara and I did make the bookmark. =)

    Happy reading!

  2. I decided to check out our local Borders this weekend too. While something like magazines and bluerays were 40% off, most were only 10%. And since I already get 10% off at Barnes & Nobles I figured I'd wait a while. Hopefully the next time I show up they'll still have the books I'm looking for!

  3. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer?! AWESOME! I'm very jealous of you right now, haha. Hope you love it! :D

  4. wow! the unbecoming of mara dyer is part of my wishlist. you're so lucky! want to read the duff too!
    enjoy reading
    here's my IMM:

  5. I cannot wait to read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin! So excited! I am very jealous of you right now! Here is my IMM!

  6. Excellent IMM! (and I am following you now!)

  7. You have a nice list of books in your mailbox this week. The Duff is on my TBR list. It looks like such a good book.
    Happy Reading,
    Book Sniffers Anonymous


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